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By Charlie N. Holmberg

Three months after returning Magician Emery Thane’s center to his physique, Ceony Twill is definitely on her solution to turning into a Folder. regrettably, now not all of Ceony’s ideas were occupied with paper magic. although she was once promised romance via a fortuity field, Ceony nonetheless hasn’t damaged the teacher-student barrier with Emery, regardless of their becoming closeness.

When a magician with a penchant for revenge believes that Ceony possesses a mystery, he vows to find it…even if it tears aside the very textile in their magical international. After a chain of assaults objective Ceony and seize these she holds most respected within the crossfire, Ceony is aware she needs to locate the real limits of her powers…and hold her wisdom from falling into wayward hands.

The pleasant sequel to Charlie N. Holmberg’s The Paper Magician, The Glass Magician will allure readers old and young alike.

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Ceony’s belly dropped approximately part an inch. She feared she knew what Mg. Aviosky desired to talk about and took nice attempt to not make eye touch with Emery. Delilah regarded fearful. “Very well,” Emery acknowledged, removal his hand. To Ceony he acknowledged, “I’ll be outdoor. ” “Delilah, if you’ll wait here,” Mg. Aviosky stated as Emery left. “Miss Twill, this manner. ” Ceony, abdominal losing a bit extra, paces in the back of Mg. Aviosky. paradoxically adequate, they ended up within the women’s bathroom the place Delilah had labored her magic simply moments earlier than. Ceony made some extent of no longer the reflect. Mg. Aviosky gestured to the chair they’d used to scramble up the cloth wardrobe. Ceony sat with no note. “When I assigned you to be a Folder,” Mg. Aviosky all started, her arms clasped in the back of her again as she paced backward and forward, “I debriefed you at the right apprenticely behavior and what used to be anticipated of you when you all started your employment lower than Magician Thane. ” attempting to preserve her forehead soft, Ceony nodded. “Perhaps there are some things I forgot to mention,” Mg. Aviosky stated, taking a second to push her round-framed spectacles up greater on her nostril. “Such as relating a magician via his first identify. ” Ceony flushed. “I . . . I didn’t suggest to do it, it’s just—” “I’ll inform you now that i don't like combined sexes in magician-apprentice relationships,” Mg. Aviosky went on, “and i don't assign them until I deem it invaluable, which on your case, it was once. 11 of our twelve Folders are male, and the single girl already has an apprentice. ” Ceony touched a hand to her cheek in a feeble try and cool it. In all her daydreams concerning Emery, not anything particularly this humiliating had ever occurred. “I think you and Magician Thane are solely too conversant in each one other,” Mg. Aviosky persisted, glancing at Ceony in brief ahead of switching her concentration to at least one of the lavatory’s ferns. “Which i don't credits completely to you, leave out Twill. I’m now not the following to scold you, purely to warn and shield you. ” Ceony slid ahead on her chair. “Protect me? What precisely do you think Magician Thane might do? ” She paled. “Mercy in heaven, have you ever spoken to him approximately this? ” “No, i've got not,” the Gaffer clarified. “I desired to communicate with you first. ” Ceony published an extended breath of air, providing silent thank you that she have been stored that embarrassment, a minimum of. She slumped in her chair, gaze losing to the ground. “Why do you do all of this for me, Ceony? ” “You comprehend why. ” She swallowed difficult, feeling like a stroke of paint on a canvas a ways too huge for her to understand. Mg. Aviosky acknowledged, “I imagine it’s on your most sensible interest—and Magician Thane’s—if I move you. ” Ceony’s belly sunk to her ankles. “I’ve noticeable to the arrangements,” Mg. Aviosky persisted. “Magician Howard’s apprentice isn’t anticipated to improve till the tip of the summer season, yet she’s agreed to tackle a moment apprentice that allows you to strengthen our Folder numbers. i believe you’ll locate her to be very amicable, and—” “I don’t are looking to transfer,” Ceony interrupted, her forehead completely knit now.

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