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By Viola Carr

Forensic technology, magic, secret, and romance combine during this edgy steampunk fantasy—a retelling of the horror vintage, during which Dr. Eliza Jekyll, daughter of the notorious Dr. Henry Jekyll—pursues a deadly assassin in an alternative Victorian London.

In an electrified Victorian London, Dr. Eliza Jekyll is a criminal offense scene investigator, searching killers with newfangled technological devices. she is going to desire each virtue to be had to capture a terrifying new psychopath splattering London with blood. Hidden within the dirty shadows, the fiendish assassin preys on appealing ladies, drugging them earlier than cutting off their limbs. discovering the “Slicer” could make Eliza’s profession . . . or unmask her darkest mystery. Like her father, she has a hidden moment self that emerges while she beverages his forbidden magical elixir. quite a few sips, and a seductive and impulsive Lizzie Hyde is unleashed.

The participants of the Royal Society don't belief Eliza, and so they ship their enforcer, the mercurial Captain Lafayette, to end up she’s a perilous sorceress. The cautious surgeon is aware that one mistaken step could make her prey to the shrewdpermanent Lafayette, a guy who harbors an evil curse of his personal. regardless of how a lot she craves the elixir, she needs to resist.

But because the Slicer case attracts her into London’s luminous magical underworld, Eliza will desire the potion’s energy to assist her . . . whether it could possibly allure the attentions of Lafayette. .

Even if it capacity atmosphere the wild Lizzie unfastened. . . .

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As though he’d by no means noticeable her earlier than. Her throat crisped. Had Lizzie . . . pop out? Had her face replaced, her hair? “What? Kindly cease staring, sir. ” That flashlamp smile. “So that’s what your eyes appear like. ” She arched stern brows. “Hardly the necessity to fling me from a touchdown to find that . . . Goodness, Harley, you’re bleeding! ” Griffin lay at the touchdown, clutching his part. His hat had rolled right into a dusty nook. Blood oozed among his hands. “Are you very well, healthcare professional? ” “Never brain me. What occurred? ” She knelt and peeled his palms away. extra blood gushed. Griffin clenched his enamel. “The little rat stabbed me. I’m o.k.. Don’t fuss. ” “Hush. I’m a physician, it’s my task to fuss. ” Lafayette peered over the landing’s area, sniffing the darkish air. “Well, the little rat’s long gone now. ” “Wonderful. ” Griffin attempted to wake up. “Not an opportunity. allow me glance. ” Eliza eased his bloody blouse apart and poked her nostril shut so she may perhaps see. a look alongside the flesh less than his ribs: now not deep, however it seemed painful. “You’re transforming into skinny, Harley,” she stated brusquely as she folded a swab from her satchel over the wound and pressed his quit it. “Hold the following. you're employed too difficult, you know,” she further with no pondering, and instantly wanted she hadn’t. She wasn’t the single person who threw herself into her paintings to prevent considering different, darker issues. “Physician, heal thyself,” muttered Griffin. “I’ll dwell. ” “Foiled back. ” Lafayette hopped onto the second one ladder and began to climb. “Shall we see what our knife-happy fool is hiding? ” Eliza glanced after him, then again. “I have to sew this, Harley. ” “I shan’t bleed to loss of life. ” Griffin waved her forward. “Don’t permit him mess it up. and take a look at to not fall off this time. ” Casually, Eliza rearranged her satchel, and while Griffin wasn’t taking a look, she quickly pulled out a phial of therapy and took a gulp. heat flushed from her abdominal to the pinnacle of her head. Sweat dampened her dermis. She desired to squirm, to press her legs jointly. How undignified. Her abdominal boiled, offended, as though the substance wasn’t welcome there. unusual. This final batch of blend tasted varied. Spicier, better. Had Marcellus replaced the formulation with out telling her? Defiant, she gulped a moment mouthful, tucked the phial away, and Lafayette into the darkish. Cobwebs crawled over her face, dry skeletal arms. She brushed them away, shivering. Don’t glance down. Don’t . . . one other touchdown loomed, the ladder best via a gap lower in wood forums. She grabbed Lafayette’s hand and allow him support her to her toes. She popped the turn on her little aether-powered electrical gentle, and the coil buzzed and bloomed, throwing a shiny ring opposed to the dusty wall. The touchdown used to be approximately ten toes sq., sufficiently small to make her swallow and shuffle clear of the sting. A blanket lay heaped within the nook on a tatty straw cushion. Atop the bedding sat a dirt-smeared brown felt rabbit, one solitary ear flopping over its face, a leg and one eye lacking. alongside the wall, above a splintery trestle desk, stretched a row of rusted electric levers.

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