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By Paul Strathern

Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolò Machiavelli, and Cesare Borgia—three iconic figures whose intersecting lives give you the foundation for this unbelievable paintings of narrative background. they can no longer were extra diversified, and they'd meet just for a little while in 1502, however the occasions that transpired after they did might considerably modify each one man’s perceptions—and the process Western history.

In 1502, Italy was once riven via clash, with the town of Florence because the final prize. Machiavelli, the consummate political manipulator, tried to placate the savage Borgia by means of volunteering Leonardo to be Borgia’s leader army engineer. That autumn, the 3 males embarked jointly on a quick, perilous, and fateful trip during the mountains, distant villages, and hill cities of the Italian Romagna—the information of that have been published in Machiavelli’s frequent dispatches and Leonardo’s meticulous notebooks. 

Superbly written and punctiliously researched, The Artist, the thinker, and the Warrior is a piece of narrative genius—whose topic is the character of genius itself.

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1990. picture Scala, Florence—courtesy of the Ministero Beni e Att. Culturali Icosidodecahedron, from “De Divina Proportione” by means of Luca Pacioli, released 1509, Venice (engraving) (b/w photograph) by means of Vinci, Leonardo da (1452–1519), Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France/Giraudon/The Bridgeman paintings Library learn of a Hanged guy: Bernardo Baroncelli, murderer of Giuliano de Medici, 1479 (pen & ink on paper) via Vinci, Leonardo da (1452–1519) Musée Bonnat, Bayonne, France/Giraudon/The Bridgeman artwork Library 3 sketches of Cesare Borgia’s head by means of Leonardo, courtesy of the Alinari data, Turin Nodding donkey digging laptop. Facsimile of Codex Atlanticus f. iv-b Excavating computer (original replica within the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan, 1503/4–7) via Vinci, Leonardo da (1452–1519). deepest Collection/The Bridgeman artwork Library RL 12647–Leonardo da Vinci, An artillery park. The Royal assortment � 2008, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II RL 12284–Leonardo da Vinci, Plan of Imola. The Royal assortment � 2008, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II layout for a Hodometer, from the Codex Atlanticus, 1478–1519 (pen and ink on paper) by means of Vinci, Leonardo da (1452–1519), Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan, Italy/The Bridgeman paintings Library Leonardo da Vinci, from computing device 88A, courtesy of Dices/The Victoria & Albert Museum, London RL 12278–Leonardo da Vinci, Recto: Bird’s-eye view exhibiting Arezzo, Borgho san Sepolcro, Chiusi and Siena. The Royal assortment � 2008, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Map of Sinigallia drawn via Reginald Piggott Pera bridge layout through Leonardo da Vinci � photograph RMN—Gerard Blot Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519): Drawing from the interval of the conflict of Anghiari (facsimile). Florence, Gabinetto dei Disegni e delle Stampe degli Uffizi. � 1990. photograph Scala, Florence—courtesy of the Ministero Beni e Att. Culturali web page from a workstation exhibiting figures struggling with on horseback and taking walks (sepia ink on linen paper) through Vinci, Leonardo da (1452–1519), Galleria dell’ Accademia, Venice, Italy/Cameraphoto Arte Venezia/The Bridgeman artwork Library Raphael, Portrait of Pope Julius II � The nationwide Gallery, London Mona Lisa, c. 1503–6 (oil on panel) by way of Vinci, Leonardo da (1452–1519), Louvre, Paris, France/Giraudon/The Bridgeman artwork Library representation of the diversion of the River Arno drawn by means of Reginald Piggott Facsimile of Codex Atlanticus f. iv-b Excavating computing device (original reproduction within the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan, 1503/4–7) through Vinci, Leonardo da (1452–1519) inner most Collection/The Bridgeman artwork Library l. a. Bataille d’Anghiari dit aussi Le strive against pour l’étenard. Rubens, Pierre Paul (1577–1646). Paris, Musée de Louvre � RMN—Michelle Bellot RL 12726–Leonardo da Vinci, after A Portrait of Leonardo. The Royal assortment � 2008, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II RL 19095–Leonardo da Vinci, Recto: Drawing of exterior genitalia & vagina, with notes. The Royal assortment � 2008, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Maps drawn via Reginald Piggott. Map of Italy c. 1500 principal Italy c. 1500 Timeline 1452           Leonardo da Vinci born at Vinci, close to Florence 1466 Leonardo leaves Vinci and is apprenticed to Verrocchio 1469 Niccolò Machiavelli born in Florence 1475 Cesare Borgia born close to Rome 1477 Leonardo units up his personal studio 1482 Leonardo leaves Florence for Milan 1490 Leonardo enters the carrier of Ludovico Sforza 1492 demise of Lorenzo the really good Cesare Borgia’s father Rodrigo turns into Pope Alexander VI Eighteen-year-old Cesare Borgia turns into a cardinal Charles VIII invades Italy; Piero de’ Medici flees Florence Instigation of Savonarola’s “City of God” in Florence homicide of Cesare Borgia’s more youthful brother Juan, Duke of Gandia Cesare Borgia renounces the cardinalate and is appointed gonfaloniere of the papal forces Machiavelli turns into secretary to the second one Chancery within the new republican executive after the autumn of Savonarola Borgia travels to the courtroom of Louis XII and is married Louis XII invades Milan; Leonardo flees Machiavelli despatched on his first missions for the Florentine executive Borgia launches his first Romagna crusade 1500 Leonardo again in Florence Machiavelli despatched on a challenge to the French court docket of Louis XII Borgia launches his moment Romagna crusade, menacing Florence Machiavelli marries Marietta Corsini Borgia launches his 3rd Romagna crusade Machiavelli’s first stumble upon with Cesare Borgia at Urbino Leonardo enters the carrier of Cesare Borgia Piero Soderini made gonfaloniere for all times in Florence Machiavelli despatched as an ambassador to Borgia within the Romagna 1503 Machiavelli returns to Florence Leonardo leaves the carrier of Borgia and returns to Florence loss of life of Alexander VI Machiavelli travels to Rome to watch the papal elections after the loss of life of Pius III Election of Julius II, downfall of Borgia Leonardo starts off paintings at the conflict of Anghiari fresco, and works at the Mona Lisa 1504 try and divert the process the Arno leads to catastrophe 1506 Machiavelli establishes a Florentine defense force Leonardo returns to Milan 1507 loss of life of Cesare Borgia 1512 The Medici are again to energy in Florence Fall of Soderini; Machiavelli disregarded 1513 Machiavelli accused of enjoying a plot to overthrow the Medici Machiavelli imprisoned and tortured ahead of returning to exile on his property wintry weather 1513 – 14   Machiavelli writes The Prince 1515           Francis I invades Italy 1519 loss of life of Leonardo in France 1527 Sack of Rome through troops of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V The Medici are deposed from Florence, yet Machiavelli gets no appointment within the new republican govt demise of Machiavelli Dramatis Personae D’Albrecht, Charlotte more youthful sister of Jean, who grew to become Cesare Borgia’s long-suffering spouse D’Albrecht, Jean King of Navarre and brother of Charlotte Alexander VI, Pope previously Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, father of Cesare, Juan, Jofre, and Lucrezia.

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