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By Graham Greene

Wormold's daughter had reached a pricey age - so he approved Hawthorne's provide of 300-plus money a month and have become Agent 59200/5, MI6's guy in Havana. to maintain the task, he pretends to recruit sub-agents and sends faux tales. Then they arrive real.

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The air flapped warmly around them as an individual wear a gown. Little grains of powder settled like ash. 'Try calling her identify. ' He shouted 'Teresa' half-heartedly. not anyone paid any recognition. He attempted back and the guy with the screwdriver appeared down at him. 'Paso algo? 'he requested. Wormold stated in Spanish that he was once trying to find a lady known as Teresa. the fellow steered that Maria could do exactly to boot. He pointed his screwdriver on the fats girl. 'What's he announcing? ' 'He does not appear to understand Teresa. ' the guy with the screwdriver sat down on best of the ladder and commenced to make a speech. He acknowledged that Maria used to be the easiest lady yow will discover in Havana. She weighed 100 pounds with not anything on. 'Obviously Teresa isn't really here,' Wormold defined with aid. 'Teresa. Teresa. What do you need with Teresa? ' 'Yes. What do you need with me? ' the skinny lady demanded, coming ahead keeping out one stocking. Her little breasts have been the scale of pears. 'Who are you? ' 'Soy Teresa. ' Beatrice acknowledged, 'Is that Teresa? You stated she was once fat—like that one with the masks. ' 'No, no,' Wormold acknowledged. 'That's now not Teresa. She's Teresa's sister. Soy skill sister. ' He stated, 'I'll ship a message through her. ' He took the skinny girl's arm and moved her a bit away. He attempted to give an explanation for to her in Spanish that she needed to be cautious. 'Who are you? i do not comprehend. ' 'There has been a mistake. it's too lengthy a narrative. There are those that may possibly try and do you an harm. Please remain at domestic for a couple of days. do not come to the theatre. ' 'I need to. I meet my consumers the following. ' Wormold took out a wad of cash. He stated, 'Have you kin? ' 'I have my mom. ' 'Go to her. ' 'But she is in Cienfuegos. ' 'There is lots of cash there to take you to Cienfuegos. ' each person was once listening now. They pressed shut round. the fellow with the screwdriver had come down from the ladder. Wormold observed Beatrice outdoor the circle; she was once pushing nearer, attempting to make out what he used to be announcing. the guy with the screwdriver stated, 'That lady belongs to Pedro. you cannot take her away like that. you need to consult Pedro first. ' 'I don't want to visit Cienfuegos,' the woman stated. 'You might be secure there. ' She appealed to the guy. 'He frightens me. i can't comprehend what he wishes. ' She exhibited the pesos. 'This is simply too a lot cash. ' She appealed to them. 'I am a great woman. ' 'A lot of wheat doesn't make a foul year,' the fats lady acknowledged with solemnity. 'Where is your Pedro? ' the fellow requested. 'He is unwell. Why does the guy provide me all this cash? i'm a great lady. you recognize that my cost is fifteen pesos. it's not that i am a hustler. ' 'A lean puppy is filled with fleas,' acknowledged the fats girl. She appeared to have a proverb for each celebration. 'What's taking place? ' Beatrice requested. A voice hissed, 'Psst, psst! ' It used to be the negro who have been sweeping the passage. He acknowledged, 'Policia! ' 'Oh hell,' Wormold acknowledged, 'that tears it. i have to get you out of the following. ' not anyone appeared unduly disturbed. The fats lady tired her wine and wear a couple of knickers; the woman who used to be referred to as Teresa pulled on her moment stocking.

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