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By Robert G. Hagstrom

Robert G. Hagstrom is without doubt one of the best-known authors of funding books for basic audiences. Turning his wide event as a portfolio supervisor at Legg Mason Capital administration into useful information for pros and nonprofessionals alike, he's the writer of six winning books on funding, together with The Warren Buffett Way, a New York Times best-seller that has offered greater than one million copies.

In this up-to-date moment version of Investing: The final Liberal Art, Hagstrom explores simple and primary making an investment ideas in quite a number fields outdoors of economics, together with physics, biology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and literature. He discusses, for example, how the speculation of evolution disrupts the thought of the effective industry and the way studying suggestions for literature will be gainfully utilized to making an investment examine. development on Charlie Munger's well-known "latticework of psychological versions" thought, Hagstrom argues that it truly is very unlikely to make sturdy funding judgements dependent exclusively on a robust wisdom of finance conception on my own. He reinforces his ideas with extra info and a brand new bankruptcy on arithmetic, and updates his textual content all through to mirror the advancements of the earlier decade, fairly the seismic financial upheaval of 2008. He has additionally additional 100 new titles to the priceless analyzing checklist concluding the book.

Praise for the 1st edition:

"I learn this publication in a single sitting: i couldn't placed it down."―Peter L. Bernstein, writer of Against the Gods: The impressive tale of Risk

"Elegant and impossible to resist. Robert G. Hagstrom makes the complicated transparent as he with a bit of luck crisscrosses in the course of the disciplines of finance, biology, physics, and literature. the single method to comprehend making an investment higher, [Investing] exhibits, is to appreciate the realm greater. rules touch off the web page at each flip. this can be easily a gem of a book."―James Surowiecki, New Yorker

"Investing is a brisk and interesting learn, and it's a excitement to be within the presence of Hagstrom's agile mind."―International usher in Tribune

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