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By Dorothy L. Sayers

A fleeting killer's eco-friendly mustache. A corpse clutching a observe with lost vowels. A mobile with the unmistakable ring of loss of life. A hopeful heir's goals of fortune performed in whilst nature beats him to the punch. A playwright's unwatered-down honor that's thicker than blood.

In each one case, the homicide baffles the neighborhood professionals. For his Lordship and the lively salesman-sleuth Montague Egg, a corpse is an exciting invitation to resolve the postmortem puzzles of attention-grabbing falsehoods, mysterious explanations and diabolical demises.

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The guy staggered to the settle and dropped down, panting. keen faces bent over him. ‘Anything improper up on the generators? ’ ‘Mr Robbins – mendacity in his place of work – together with his ’ead bashed in – all of a masks of blood. Get the police! It’s homicide! ’ ‘Old Mr Robbins! ’ ‘Yes, the boss. A dretful sight it used to be. ’ ‘But ’oo performed it? ’ ‘Think i finished to determine? I come off, quickly as me legs may perhaps hold me. ’ ‘Didn’t you ring up the police? ’ ‘Wot? And ’ave ’im arise in the back of me and dot me one? no longer me! There will be a gang of ’em ’anging around the position. ’ ‘Well, you’re a very good night-watchman,’ stated Mr Bowles, ‘I don’t imagine. Racing down the following that-a-way and the assassin perhaps escaping all this whereas. Didn’t imagine to fasten the gate once you, i assume? ’Course you didn’t. Now, you pull your self jointly and take a few the boys and pass directly on again to the generators, and I’ll ring up Inspector Weybridge. That’s correct, George. You provide ’im a brandy and check out to make a guy of ’im. ’ ‘I’ll run him as much as the Mills,’ advised Mr Egg, to whom a homicide or a secret was once just about as gratifying as an order for 12 dozen ports at 190s. the dozen. ‘My car’s simply out within the backyard. i will commence her up in seconds. ’ ‘That’s fine,’ stated the owner. ‘And I don’t brain if I come myself. George, succeed in me my gigantic stick, in case we meet something, and ring up the police-station and inform the Missus I’ve long past out for a section and will she come and ’elp within the bar. Now then, Ted, my lad. Up you come back! Mr Robbins murdered! That’s a pleasant factor to ’appen. ’ Mr Egg, via this time, had acquired his automobile begun. Mr Bowles climbed in beside him and Ted was once accommodated within the again seat, among the banker and a tender farmer, who had extra themselves to the social gathering. A run of half of 1 mile introduced them to the Twiddleton turbines. the massive gates have been locked, however the small side-gate stood vast open. ‘Look at that! ’ acknowledged Mr Bowles. ‘Whoever it was once, he’ll have took hisself off by means of now, if he’s any feel. Ted Baggitt ain’t received no ’ead, and not ’ad, considering the fact that I knew him. ’ They crossed a backyard and got here to the door resulting in the workplaces, which additionally stood vast open. a gentle was once burning in a room at the correct, and during a 3rd open door they appeared into the manager’s room. Slumped in his swivel chair, his head and hands sprawled over the table, lay what were Mr Robbins. One part of his cranium were ferociously battered in, and the sight was once horrid sufficient to subdue the exuberance even of Mr Bowles. The wretched Ted sank down on a chair via the wall and commenced to whimper. ‘He’s useless, all right,’ acknowledged Monty. ‘Best now not contact something, however it can’t harm if I – eh? ’ He extracted a fresh handkerchief from his pocket and laid it over the lifeless man’s head; and then it used to be fresh not. ‘I don’t see no weapon,’ stated Mr Bowles, looking at vaguely first on the hearth after which on the table, which used to be strewn with scattered papers. ‘There’s an immense brass paper-weight missing,’ stated Mr Harcourt. ‘It used to face simply right here, through the blotting-pad. I’ve obvious it ratings of instances.

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