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Incendiary in its ardour and irrefutable in its proof, this vintage of atheistic literature condemns Christianity as superstition and wishful considering rooted in early paganism, "sourced" via nameless fables, and promoted via self-serving males looking "worldly riches and power." Raging opposed to the blatant manipulations of the early Church and the antiscience time table of the trendy Church, American author JOSEPH WHELESS (1868-1950) takes on every thing from faked "relics" and the "holy mummery" of stigmatics and different dramatic mystics to the "priestly terrorism" of the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the Church's ancient intolerance. this can be an absolute must-read for somebody searching for ammunition to counter the argument that the toughness of Christianity is facts of its legitimacy. additionally to be had FROM COSIMO: Wheless's Is It God's observe?

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In   universal   with   all  the   Fathers,   Tertullian   appeals  to   the   Phoenix   as   evidence  supreme   of   the resurrection of the body. It will be noticed, that the modern false translators of our Bibles have slipped in another bit of falsification by suppressing the word “phoenix”  in the passage quoted by Tertullian,   and   have   substituted   the   be aware   “palm­tree”   to   exhibit   the   flourishing   kingdom   of   the righteous, as there depicted: “ Then take a most complete and unassailable symbol of our hope [of resurrection], topic  alike to  life and death. I refer to the bird which is  peculiar to  the East, famous for its singularity, marvelous from its posthumous life, which renews its life in a voluntary death; its dying day is its birthday, for on it it departs and returns: once more a phoenix where just now there was none; once more himself, but just now out of existence; another, yet the same. What can be more express and more major  for   our   subject;  or   to   what  different  factor   can  such  a  phenomenon   undergo witness? God even in His own Scripture says: ‘The righteous shall flourish like the phoenix’  [Greek Septuagint:  Dikaios os phoenix anthesei; Ps. xcii, 12]. Must men die once for all, while birds in Arabia are sure of a resurrection? ”  (Tert. ,  On the Resurrection of the Flesh, ch. xiii; ANF. iii, 554. ) Father Tertullian vouches, too, with the other Fathers, for the bogus official Report of Pilate to Caesar, and for Pilate’s  conversion to Christianity, saying: “ All these things Pilate did to Christ; and now in fact a Christian in his own convictions, he sent word of Him to the reigning Caesar, who was at the time Tiberius. Yes, and even the Caesars would have believed on Christ, if either 118 Joseph Wheless – Forgery in Christianity the Caesars had not been necessary for the world, or if Christians could have been Caesars. ”  (Apol. ch. xxi; ANF. iii,. 35. ) Father Tertullian gives full credence to the fable of the Septuagint, and assures the Emperors: “To  this day, at the temple of Serapis, the libraries of Ptolemy are to be seen, with the identical Hebrew originals in them. ”  (Apology, to the Rulers of the Roman Empire, I, xviii; ANF. iii, 32. ) And, as all the other Fathers, he gives full faith and credit to the Pagan gods, as “effective   witnesses   for   Christ”;—“Yes,   and   we   shall   end up   that   your   personal   gods   are   powerful witnesses for Christ ... “Yes,  and we shall prove that your own gods are effective witnesses for Christ. ... Against the Greeks we urge that  Orpheus, at Piera, Musaeus at Athens, (etc. ) imposed religious rites. ... Numa Pompilius laid on the Romans a heavy load of costly superstitions. absolutely Christ, then, had a right to reveal Deity. ”  (Apol. ch. xxi; ANF. iii, 36. ) Like the other Fathers, Tertullian is also in the ranks of patristic forgers of holy fables, being either the author or the publisher of “ The Passion of the Holy Martyrs Perpetua and Felicitas,”  the fabulous Martyrdom of two of the Church’ s most celebrated bogus Saints, annexed to his accredited works.

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