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The excellent better half to the highly winning Gem Calorie Counter, this can be a convenient moveable advisor to carbohydrates in daily meals now more advantageous and optimised for e-readers and capsule units, with absolutely searchable textual content and tables.

Perfect for these following the quick nutrition (5:2 Diet), Dukan nutrition, Atkins vitamin or different weight reduction diets.

Clearly laid out tables supply info of internet carbohydrates in keeping with component (slice, biscuit, apple) making it quickly and straightforward to use.

Reducing carbohydrates and following a excessive protein nutrition has develop into a well-liked and powerful manner of shedding weight and retaining these additional kilos off. The curiosity within the Dr Atkins New nutrition Revolution is apparent facts of this.

The key to following a high-protein vitamin is to manage your carbohydrate consumption. Collins Gem Carb Counter is a consultant to the web carb contents of daily meals. It additionally offers energy, protein and fat.

Information is given in line with element to make it effortless to exploit. excessive protein, carb-counting diets are usually often called a man’s nutrition and this emphasis on parts instead of a hundred g implies that there's much less figuring out involved.

Boredom is frequently the downfall of the carb counter, so a piece is integrated which supplies feedback for various foodstuff: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

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6 zero. eight eight. eight seventy one five. 2 1. three Canneloni bolognese (Dolmio), in line with 100g eleven. eight n/a n/a 149 6. 1 eight. three Deep Pasta Bake, poultry & tomato (Findus), in keeping with 100g thirteen 1. three eleven. 7 ninety five four. five three Lasagne (Birds Eye), every one forty six n/a n/a 440 24 18 vegetable (Ross), in step with 100g 12. 6 zero. nine eleven. 7 one hundred ten five. three four. 7 TIP: frivolously fry beef, fowl or fish in butter, with chopped olives, sundried tomatoes and clean basil for an real Italian dinner. upload purple chillies if you happen to like a bit zest! nutrition kind Carb (g) Fibre (g) web carb (g) Cal (kcal) professional (g) fats (g) Pasta Bolognese (Birds Eye), according to 100g fifty four n/a n/a 375 18 nine. 6 Ravioli Bianche (Dolmio), 100g 29. 7 n/a n/a 2 hundred nine. 6 four. 7 Risotto, red meat (Vesta), in step with pack fifty seven. eight five. 6 fifty two. 2 346 15. three five. nine Spaghetti bolognese (Birds Eye), each one forty eight n/a n/a 405 17 sixteen Pizza Cheese & onion deep crammed pizza (McVitie’s), 100g slice 30. three 1. three 29 223 eight. four eight. 2 Cheese & tomato pizza, 100g slice: 24. eight 1. five 23. three 235 nine eleven. eight deep pan base 35. 1 2. 2 32. nine 249 12. four 7. five French bread base 31. four – 31. four 230 10. 6 7. eight skinny base 33. nine 1. nine 32 277 14. four 10. three French bread pizza (Findus), 100g slice 32. four 1. eight 30. 6 235 nine. three 7. eight Ham & mushroom pizza (San Marco), 100g slice 29. five 1. 1 28. four 227 eleven. four 7. five Pepperoni & sausage pizza (San Marco) 100g slice 24. eight 1. three 23. five 226 10. nine nine. nine TIP: to chop down on carbs, use a wholemeal ‘wrap’ as a base for do-it-yourself pizza. best with clean tomato sauce, lots of mozzarella cheese and a few clean mushrooms. meals style Carb (g) Fibre (g) web carb (g) Cal (kcal) professional (g) fats (g) Pepperoni deep crust pizza (McCain), 100g slice 26. eight – 26. eight 229 10. 1 nine Pizza bases, 20cm diameter: deep pan seventy three – seventy three 387 eleven five. 7 mini seventy two. eight – seventy two. eight 387 eleven five. 7 commonplace seventy two. eight – seventy two. eight 387 eleven five. 7 stone baked seventy two. eight – seventy two. eight 356 eleven 2. nine Pizza topping (Napolina), 100g: highly spiced tomato nine 1 eight sixty six 1. 6 2. 6 tomato, cheese, onion & herbs eight. 1 zero. nine 7. 2 eighty three four tomato, herbs & spices nine. four zero. eight eight. 6 sixty seven 1. five 2. 6 For extra pizzas, see the following speedy foodstuff TIP: A learn via Instituto di Richerche Farmacologiche in Milan came upon that folks who ate pizza had a considerably decrease prevalence of cancers regarding the mouth, throat, oesophagus and colon than those that didn’t devour pizza. the cause of this can be the excessive concentrations of lycopene, a cancer-preventing chemical present in the tomato sauce. curiously, the examine confirmed that toppings have been inappropriate – pizza is a fit meals! PIES AND QUICHES Pastry is unquestionably excessive in carbs, yet selecting savoury fillings can assist to decelerate the delivery of sugar within the physique. when you do decide on a pie on a ‘reward day’, decide on topless or bottomless pies and consume as little of the bottom as you could. Wholemeal pies and pastries are a greater replacement than these made with subtle white flours, which play havoc with blood sugar. be careful additionally for these favorite British pies crowned with potato, resembling cottage pie, shepherd’s pie and fish pie. TIP: Why now not contemplate crustless pies? Make your favorite pie filling, position it in a greased ramekin and bake. most sensible with toasted nuts or cheese so as to add a bit texture. foodstuff sort Carb (g) Fibre (g) internet carb (g) Cal (kcal) seasoned (g) fats (g) red meat & kidney pie, canned (Tyne Brand), 100g thirteen.

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