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By Susan L. Einbinder

When Crusader armies on their option to the Holy Land attacked Jewish groups within the Rhine Valley, many Jews selected suicide over dying by the hands of Christian mobs. With their defiant deaths, the medieval Jewish martyr used to be born. With the literary commemoration of the sufferers, Jewish martyrology undefined. Beautiful Death examines the evolution of a long-neglected corpus of Hebrew poetry, the laments reflecting the explicit stipulations of Jewish existence in northern France. The poems provide perception into lifestyle and into the methods medieval French Jews answered to persecution. additionally they recommend that poetry used to be used to motivate resistance to intensifying pressures to convert.

The proficient Jewish elite in northern France was once hugely acculturated. Their poetry--particularly that rising from the leading edge Tosafist schools--reflects their engagement with the vernacular renaissance unfolding round them, in addition to awake and subconscious absorption of Christian well known ideals and hagiographical conventions. whilst, their amazing poems sign an more and more harsh repudiation of Christianity's sacred symbols and ideology. They exhibit a fancy courting to Christian tradition as Jews internalized parts of medieval tradition even whereas expressing a strong revulsion opposed to the types and ideology of Christian life.

This gracefully written learn crosses conventional limitations of heritage and literature and of Jewish and common medieval scholarship. concentrating on particular incidents of persecution and the literary commemorations they produced, it deals certain insights into the ancient stipulations within which those poems have been written and performed.

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