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Those photos are a distinct and exuberant list of Bauhaus actions and experiments through the Nineteen Twenties and early Thirties. considerably, many of the pictures have been taken by way of artists - painters comparable to Fritz Kuhr and Werner Siedhoff, designers Heinz Loew and Herbert Bayer, Bauhaus masters Hannes Meyer and Joosst Schmidt - who weren't selfconscious photographers yet who desired to paintings with a brand new technological product.

Egidio Marzona has assembled the world's most suitable selection of works on paper documenting the innovative efforts of the Bauhaus. Marzona can also be a widely known writer of books on Russian Constructivism, Futurism, De Stijl, Dadaism, and a bunch of alternative routine and figures of the 20th-century avant-garde.

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1928 (photo Lotte Beese) ninety seven Eyes, ca. 1929 (photo Umbo [Otto Umbehr]) ninety eight W. Siedhoff, N. Rubinstein, G. Menzel (f. f. t. b. ), ca. 928 (photo Lux Feininger) ninety nine G. Hartmann, ca. 928 (photo Umbo [Otto Umbehr]) a hundred P. Citroen, ca. 1926 (photo Umbo [Otto Umbehr]) 1927/28 [Otto Umbehr]) Werner Jackson exhibit dummies, ca. ca. [Otto Umbehr]) Feininger) A. Braun (photo Feininger? ) Lux Feininger) (photo Hilde Rantzsch) Rose), (K. Umbo 123 O. Schlemmer Joachim] Rose) ninety two . okay. either, ca. L. Lux 122 O. Schlemmer as "Musical Clown," 1928 (photo eighty five 86 87 88 89 ninety one 121 [Otto Umbehr]) Portrait examine, ca. 1928 (photo nine scholars at the balcony, n. d. (photo Lux one hundred twenty H. Meyer, H. Reindl(-Cieluszek), and ? , 1 1 1 performs! " Feininger) 1 1 1 1 1 1 one hundred and one 102 "Prank," n. d. (Bauhaus photograph) 926/27 (photo Werner Jackson Lux Feininger, ca. 1 [Isaacsohn]) 103 scholars on 1 1 1 1 the balcony, n. d. (photo Lux Feininger) 04 E. Kallai with scholars, ca. 928 (photo Lux Feininger) 05 scholars in entrance of the Bauhaus, n. d. (Bauhaus photograph) 06 The weaving category, ca. 927 (photo Lotte Beese) 07 Architectural studio of W. Gropius, 927 (photo Edmund Collein) 1 1 1 108 "Mechanical fable 1 and 2," 926 1 (photo Erich Consemuller) 109 "The mystery Corner," n. d. (photo Umbo [Otto Umbehr]) HOW. Siedhoff and G. Hartmann, ca. 1928 (photo Lux Feininger) 111-112 experiences of L. Beese, ca. 1 928 (photo Hannes Meyer) 1 1 three Bauhaus weavers, 114 M. Kallin and ? 928 1 , ca. (photo Lotte Beese) 1928 (photo Werner Zimmermann) a hundred and fifteen "X. Schawinsky performs with Banjo," 1 928 (photo Lux Feininger) 1 1 sixteen The Bauhaus Band, n. d. (photo Lux Feininger? ) 7 W. Jackson (Isaacsohn), M. Breuer, H. Koch, and X. Schawinsky (f. l. t. r. ), 1928 (photo Lux Feininger) 1 21 1 ™gg^a- te J'ni 3£3 WW dns lichtbild munchen juni-sepf. 3*t*l INTERNATIONALE AUSSTELLUNG --OES & ^ l FILMUNDFOTO STUTTGART 1929 v d» number of Photographic Exhibitions the Bauhaus Dessau Participated in Which Fotomontage ("Photomontage"). Exhibition within the courtyard of the previous Kunstgewerbemuseum, on the Staatliche Deutsche Photographische Ausstellung ("German images Exhibition"), prepared via the Messe-u. Ausstellungsges, G. m. b. H. , Frankfurt am major, on the Haus der Museen, Moden, Frankfurt am major, 926 Neue Wege der Photographie ("New and of 1931 l raphy"), on the Kunstverein, Jena, l Paths in Photog- 928 l and Photo"). overseas of the German Werkbund, Stuttgart, 929 und picture Das Lichtbild Die neue Fotografie ("The ("Film Exhibition ("The Photograph"), overseas Exhibition, geared up by means of the Munchener Bund and the Verein Aus- Munchen, e. V. , Munich, l 930 New Photography"). Inter- German Werkbund "Munchener Bund," Gewerbemuseum, Basel, nationwide touring exhibition of the the de Photographie ("International images Exhibition"), Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, 1 l. a. 932 fur Fotografie, Druck und Re- produktion ("The digital camera: Exhibition for images, and Reproduction"), prepared via the Berliner Ausstellungs-, Messe-und Fremdenverkehrs, G.

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