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By Patricia Ann Clark

In 1930 the Cretan healer Nikolaos Konstantinos Theodorakis of Meronas re-copied a workstation containing clinical lore handed down via his kin over generations. the current quantity bargains an version of this computer including an English translation, the 1st of its type. It belongs to the style of iatrosophia, functional handbooks relationship more often than not to the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries which compiled therapeutic knowledge, in addition to snippets of agricultural, meteorological and veterinary suggestion, and admixtures of faith, astrology and magic. either attention-grabbing and of serious significance, iatrosophia let glimpses of classical and Byzantine clinical assets and illustrate the energy and resilience of Greek conventional scientific and botanical wisdom. From years spent exploring neighborhood therapeutic customs in Crete's Amari sector, Patricia Clark is ready to current Theodorakis' iatrosophion opposed to a wealthy historic, geographical and social history. Introductory essays and explanatory notes to the interpretation provide context to the iatrosophion and supply the really expert info helpful for a very good knowing of the textual content. The plentiful materia medica of the pc is handled in a considerable appendix. each one animal, mineral, plant or product is supplied with an outline of its numerous names throughout the millennia. Such entries aren't just a key to knowing the Greek scientific legacy, but additionally a brilliant representation of its utilization from antiquity to the current day.

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1. 123, Ath. 2. 52c; Thph. Od. 14; Hp. Morb. 2. sixty four and three. 15; et al. Fr. S. forty six, Ἀμύγδαλος (ὁ) ἢ πρικαμυγδαλιὰ = ἡ ἀγρία ἀμυδαλιά [probably πικραμυγδαλιά] Papad. ἀμύγδαλα ninety two, 154; ἀμυγδαλα πικρὰ fifty seven, ninety four, a hundred and sixty; ἀμυγδαλέα(ς), – ἔλαιον, αμυγδαλόλαδον, sixty four Rig. 27, αμυγδαλόλαδο, το ἄνηθον, dill, 17 ἀνιθόσπορον, dill seeds, 60; ἀνυθόσπορον, dill seed, sixty nine τό νερόν τοῦ ἀνήθου, dill water, sixty five Lk. 129, 31 (p. 39) and n. p. 131 Anethum graveolens L. , ἀθήνιον Held. 161, ἄνηθο, ἄνηθος Anethum graveolens 50. – ἄνηθο, ἄνεθο Ridolfia segetum fifty two Genn. 117, Ἄνηθον, Anethum old Greek: ἄν(ν)ηθον LSJ: 137, ἄνηθον or ἄννηθον, τό, Aeol. ἄνητον. Alc. 36, Sapph. 78,128 … ἄννητον Thphr. HP nine. 7. three: dill, Anethum graveolens, … Thphr. HP 1. eleven. 2; Alex. 127. five; … Dsc. three. fifty eight and Dsc. five. sixty five, 1. fifty one; Aret. CA 1. 2; Dsc. four. 164 Papad. ἀνήθου 103, 118; ἄνηθον τὸ βαρύοσμον (Anethum graveolens) 103, 118 ἀνθόνερον, flower-water, forty six, fifty three; ἄνθόνερον, forty six Fr. S. 47–8, offers directions on how this used to be typically distilled in West Crete. ἀντίδια, endives, 17 ἄγρια ἀντιδια, wild chicory or endive, forty three Lk. 174, 38 (pp. 79–80) Cichorium endivia L. ἀντίδιον (hodie ἀντίδια und ἥμερα ῥαδίκια) Held. 161, ἀντίδια Cichorium endivia sixty seven Genn. 127, Ἀντίδιον, βλ. Κιχώριον, (pp. 514–15): Κιχώριον, τέταρτον εἶδος ἀπαντῶν μόνον καλλιεργούμενον … Κιχώριον τὸ Ἀντίδιον, ἢ Ἐντύβιον ἤ Ἴντυβον παρὰ Κοραῇ (Cichorium Endivia) … Εἰς τὸ εἶδος τοῦτο ἀναφέρεται ἡ τοῦ διοσκρ. Σέρις ἥμερος πλατύφυλλος καὶ θριδακωδεστέρα τῆς ἐμπίκρου. historical Greek: σέρις LSJ: 1591, σέρις, ἡ, … endive or chicory (σέρις ἀγρια, = Chicory, Cichorium Intybus, σέρις κηπευτή, = Endive, Cichorium Endivia, Dsc. 2. 132) cf. πικρίς I. 2 Fr. S. forty eight, ῾Aντίδι (ἀντίδια = το άντιδι) Papad. ἀντίδια eighty four, 113, 159 neighborhood details: KD says ἄγρια ἀντιδια has many kinds and is usually similar to ραδίκια. ἀντιμόνιον, antimonium (? ), forty eight (ἀντιμόνιον ποῦ γίνεται ἐπάνω εἰς ταῖς ἀστυβές σάν μαλιά) Unidentified, yet as a result of its description within the textual content it can be a plant just like dodder of thyme, ἐπίθυμον, Cuscuta epithymum (L. ) L. See access lower than: ἐπίθυμον Lk. has phrases shut, yet now not possible because the crops don't healthy the outline in Theodorakis: ἀντεμώνη, -ιάμ, 118,5 (p. 31) Adonis autumnalis L. ; ἀντίμιμον 151, nine (p. fifty seven) Thymus acynos L. ; ἀντίμιον, ἀντίμνιον 144,4 (p. 50) Mandragora officinalis L. Genn. 305–6, Ἐπίθυμον, Cuscuta French Cuscute, Cheveux de Vénus – or – du Diable, Eng. Dodder. eighty species, between them Cuscuta palaestina, in all probability the Καδύτας of Theophrastus. Genn. lists a number of universal names for this plant, yet no longer ἀντιμόνιον. See LSJ, 848, καδύτας, ὁ, a parasitic plant, dodder, Cassyta filiformis (Arabic kasuth), Thphr. CP 2. 17. three. LSJ: 635. ἐπίθυμον, τό, a parasitic plant starting to be on thyme, Cuscuta Epithymum, Dsc. four. 177, Gal. 6. 414, eleven. 875, Artem. 1. seventy seven additionally Hp. , Littré index, 583: épithymum – purgatif VII, 191, 205; – blanc, dans l. a. leucorrhée, VIII, 253 Fr. S. forty seven, Ἐπίθυμον-κοσκούτα with many neighborhood names, one among that is πέρδικας τὸ μετάχι historical Greek: ἐπίθυμον TLG: αντιμιμο- or αντιμιμ-, Dsc.

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